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Personalization has become an important part of the online experience. Today, top websites use machine learning technology to make that happen.

Where you would normally need to compile data on your customers and use the data of their past choices to decide what to send certain groups of people manually and at a time of your choosing, machine learning software makes it possible for these tasks to be automated and performed when the end user would find them most helpful.

For example, when you are on social media and the website automatically suggests other users you might want to follow. The machine learning software uses data they have associated with your past decisions and used that information to find other users the software believes you would also like to follow. 

While we’ve seen the use of suggestions for a long time, machine learning tools (also known as artificial intelligence, or AI) has advanced in recent years to include things like chat bots. 

There are many machine learning tools and frameworks available for developers to utilize machine learning technology on their own projects. 


Keras is an open-source library of machine learning applications. You will need Python to be able to use Keras on top of other frameworks. It can be used with Tensorflow and Theano. 

Keras is free.


The team of AI developers at Google originally created the TensorFlor framework. It has been available open-source since 2015 for developers to freely used. You will need advanced coding skills to take advantage of this framework, and you will also need to use Python and C++, and can also utilize Java, JavaScript, and other languages. 

Google Cloud ML Engine

Google Cloud ML Engine is a hosted platform. The machine learning models are for developers running a lot of data. This framework can run algorithms quickly. It is often used by enterprises and can be used to train a complex model. 

Amazon Machine Learning

Yes, Amazon also has their own cloud-based machine learning application, often known simply as AML. This platform can be used by web or mobile app developers who are just getting started or who have years of experience. It supports multi-class classification, binary classification, and regression.