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Machine learning and artificial intelligence continue to grow exponentially. Statistics show AI could inject close to $2 trillion in the manufacturing and supply chain sectors by 2020. Here is a look at some of the startups to watch this year and beyond.


Using machine learning, this company detects network threats with its Falcon platform. This cybersecurity company’s algorithms provide real-time data on all attack types, including spyware, viruses and the vicious malware-free instructions. CrowdStrike also uses AI to recognize threat patterns that can be used to help detect and prevent future network attacks.

Health at Scale

This startup uses AI and machine learning to match patients with their appropriate health care needs. The company provides users with personalized treatment choices and matches them to relevant medical providers. Health at Scale began operations in June of 2015 and raised $16 million in capital in May of 2019.


One of customer-relationship management’s biggest problems is capturing relevant customer data over time to make smarter marketing and sales decisions. People.Ai aims to solve this problem by using machine learning and AI to capture real-time data and use it to identify revenue opportunities. Many marketers are using People.AI to refine their buyer personas and include them in their marketing strategies.


This company uses machine learning and AI to provide instant data on a car or trucks current condition. Similar to Carfax, RAVIN differentiates itself by giving businesses such as rental car companies and used car dealers a real-time visual of the condition of any vehicle. RAVIN customers receive an instant report of any irregularities from cars or trucks being monitored.


This company’s cloud-based platform helps financial service companies build stronger customer portfolios. The emphasis is on consumer credit, but Senso.AI plans to use big data from AI and machine learning to help revolutionize the financial services industry.


By recruiting over 50 data scientists, Cinnamon uses machine learning and AI to streamline the process of pulling data from incomplete or unstructured documents. Large-scale enterprises in banking and insurance are starting to extract large quantities of data using Cinnamon’s services. Based in Vietnam and Tokyo, the company is setting up operations in the United States and hopes to add another 50 data scientists by the end of 2019.